Well, here it is guys. A full 10 YEARS after I originally started. Now I could beat myself up about it..

Jeez….10 years and it’s like I’m starting over?

Yes….and I’m actually FINE with that. I’m not the same guy I was 10 years ago. Are any of us the same after 10 years? I’ve accepted the fact that I need to just calm down and not “re-invent the wheel”. I need to commit to an action plan with follow through and simply follow directions. Now, I have had some success online already. But nothing like what’s coming. BELIEVE THAT! Haha. It’s almost like a serious weight has been lifted. The past ten years have been a frustrating journey filled with hope, disappointment, and pretty much no follow through. It feels so good to have the focus and clarity that I should have had 10 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I would have had it then, but I’m excited to finally have it now.

What is the secret? What is it that has finally given me the drive I’ve needed for so long?

Getting a mentor.

Having someone tell you, “If you ACTUALLY follow what I show you and complete this program, you WILL succeed”. The funny thing is for years I’ve justified not getting involved in a mentorship program because it was “too expensive” yet, I’d go out and do things like spend $100 on going out to dinner a couple times a week. Always getting a new smartphone when I got bored with the one I had…etc. You know, literally WASTING MONEY and then moping around because I haven’t “made it yet” online. Talk about self sabbotage, right? It’s been right there this whole time. I just wasn’t ready to accept it. Well, now, I AM ready and you better believe I’m gonna bring it.

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    • Dave Thomas


      Like you I have gone, I suppose, full circle and six years after dabbling in John’s P2S programme back in 2014 I have rejoined and am committing myself this time to following the trainings and creating my own product.

      Last time, I was prepared to do the work, but life and a well paid contract intervened and I’ve never got back in the saddle. I know not an ideal reason, but the self-isolation I am in has made me reconsider many things and rejoining the programme had been on my mind for a while since I fully retired, but I bit the bullet and am enjoying the experience.

      I wish you success


    • Hubert

      Hi Ted,
      You struck a cord here. I’m in the same boat and just returning to where I left off 2yrs ago! I have been trying to blame ‘life’, my health, my family, Covid, but no, it’s my own stupid fault…
      Did work hard on my self development though and now I am in a better frame of mind and enjoying getting back in the saddle.
      Good luck this time

      Hubert van der Horst

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