While there are affiliates who remain anonymous, personally branding your affiliate marketing campaigns can absolutely help you succeed in affiliate marketing. Especially in the long term as your name becomes more ‘known’ in the industry. This is where the ‘consistent action’ comes into play. The market will soon recognize you in the industry as an authority, and your brand will establish you in the industry within your niche.

Why You Need to Use Personal Branding

As you brand yourself, it will add a personal touch to your business. Now don’t get me wrong, having a cool logo or sick graphics on a website or even bonus page(s) is fantastic, the decision to use personal branding goes way beyond those things. You want to share your unique perspectives, personality, and insights within your target market.

It also helps with building rapport with potential customers or clients. You will build a connection with people. When people like and trust you as a person to turn to for help, they will want what it is you have to offer.

This is a tough industry. Competition will outright steal your ideas, concepts, and in some cases they will DIRECTLY steal your creative content. Things like your articles and YouTube videos will begin popping up on other peoples websites and YouTube channels. All they do is simply change links or CTA’s (call to actions) to redirect you to THEIR offer(s). So personally branding your videos, for example, can help to keep this at a minimum.

Some Personal Branding Tips

While it’s not an extremely difficult task to personally brand your marketing efforts, it’s also not achieved overnight either.
These simple tips will get the ball rolling with your branding:

  • Have a Blog (A MUST) – In order to be seen as an authority in the industry, it makes sense to have a site devoted to it, right? Here you can also build a list of potential buyers or clients who begin to follow you and your content. Not to mention, it’s critical to encourage feedback and interaction with your followers.
  • Content Content Content – Distribute your content. Write articles, ebooks, and create review videos. You can send them to your email list as updates. This will absolutely help with building trust in your niche.
  • Webinars and Facebook Lives – Putting spotlight on you with live events gives you the opportunity to show your expertise in your niche. At the end you usually have a CTA (Call to action) where a paid product or service is offered where you receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a very crowded industry. Imagine a room filled with people that look exactly alike. Even dressed exactly alike. This is affiliate marketing. You need to do something that’s going to make you stand out or you simply won’t be seen. Personal branding will help you do this by drawing the attention of your target audience and spotlights what you can do for them. When that happens, people are ready to follow and buy from you.

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