Well, of course they are! There will ALWAYS be a huge demand for affiliates. Truth be told however, sometimes the industry is portrayed in a negative light and “too good to be true”. As a product creator, you can literally have hundreds (or even thousands in some cases) of affiliates driving traffic to your offers. For that reason, even throughout the roller coaster ride of online marketing, affiliate marketing maintains steady growth. It has even been adopted by many major service and product providers as huge portion of their sales and revenue generation. Did you know even service providers like Comcast & DirecTV offer a “Referral Bonus” if you refer new customers to them? This is essentially affiliate marketing. You send them a new customer, they pay you in some way. That may be in the form of a cash payment or money off your next bill. The bottom line? When they profit, you profit as well.

Many claimed affiliate marketing would be the future of online advertising. Some, believe it or not even felt it would be the downfall of online advertising and sales. Yet, it’s completely grown into a sophisticated network of affiliates that currently drive almost half of today’s online sales for some of the worlds biggest brands including Amazon.

Almost all major marketers or online retailer have some sort of affiliate program in place to drive a portion of their sales. However, completely unchecked affiliate programs with unlimited numbers of affiliates is completely a thing of the past. I don’t think you could find a business online today that wouldn’t agree that affiliates bring value to a value driven marketplace, but each particular affiliate program must now be customized to meet the product vendors specific set of needs.

The success of affiliate marketing as a ‘pay per performance’ based advertising, has actually paved the way for other types of marketing including CPA & portal advertising that has become common practice today for vendors and direct marketers. With the evolution of affiliate marketing, affiliates and product owners/vendors have become more sophisticated. Also, the affiliate programs have become more integrated with online marketing in almost every form imaginable.

Want to know the real beauty of online/affiliate marketing? ANYONE can do it. When I got started 10 years ago I was a truck driver. So no matter what your experience level, you absolutely can do this. Whether you’re looking to simply supplement your income, or eventually grow this into a full time business & quit your 9-5. Can you see yourself doing this full time? Working from home started as an obsession for me once I got to know so many people in the industry doing EXACTLY THAT. Now you can absolutely do this on your own. But how would you like to get involved with myself and a group of marketers that are available to help you along the way? What if I told you that you could realistically be working full time from home in under a year? Did that get your attention? If not, it should have

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